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Surabhi is a product designer who likes creating digital tools that empower people to help themselves. 

I believe that designers are the bridge where people's needs meet organizations and have the power to create a better future. 

Having worked in the tech industry for 6 years, I have a multidisciplinary skill set which integrates user understanding with product thinking and creative know-how. While working at an ed-tech startup, I realized two things. One, I am passionate about creating products that are not only people-focused but also impact social change. And two, despite the push towards online learning, there has been little innovation in the way people teach. Seeing an opportunity, I decided to pursue a Master's in Human-Computer Interaction and Design to familiarize myself with emerging technologies. I just completed a 6-month Capstone Project with Microsoft HoloLens and I'm currently researching the efficacy of Virtual Reality for chronic pain relief with Dr. Thomas Furness.


In the offline world, I enjoy non-fiction, crime documentaries, cats, and indoor bouldering. When I'm not designing you will find me traveling the world in search of food.

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